What our clients are saying...

"I wanted to take some time out of my busy day to thank you and your team for all your hard work. Me and my wife cannot thank you and your firm enough for everything that you have done. When we came to you we were in a horrible situation. The lady that did our taxes or attempted to do our taxes put our company in a horrible situation. I don't know what we would have done without you guys. From getting penalties waived to getting our company back into good standings with the IRS. Like I stated above we will never be able to thank you guys enough. You have an awesome team and it has been an awesome experience to work with you. Thanks a million!!!!!!"

Tom Roberson - 5 Star Lock and Key

"I have utilized Chasity Hooks' expertise for both my personal tax needs as well as a referral source for my clients who need a knowledgeable, caring CPA. I know that when I place my clients in Chasity's hands, they will be taken care of the exact same way that I take care of them. The service they receive is what they talk about most and the feedback I get from them where Chasity is concerned is always way above and beyond their expectations."

Alicia Courville, Financial Advisor - UBS Financial Services

"It is so hard to find people in the financial fields that are really for the success of their clients. We appreciate the fact the you are 100% for your clients and their success. It means alot. For anyone looking for a CPA, you will be the one we refer. We are proud to be associated with you."

John W. Reddoch - CEO ETS Marketing Inc.

"Chasity and her staff have been an amazing asset to my business over the past 3 years. They always go above and beyond for me on everything I need from finding out what kind of documents I need to make improvements. To helping me set up new employee benefits. Very thankful I chose Hooks CPA for my business accounting services. Would recommend them to everyone!"

Matthew Brown - President, Iphonerepairforless, LLC

"First class service all the way. My taxes were filed in a timely manner and got me back way more than I thought I would have received. Helped me get all the information I needed after the flood to make sure I got ever possible dollar. Thank you for all your help and great service. Hard to find these days."

Donna LeBlanc - Accountant

"Top choice for my line of work. I was recommended to Chasity when I went from being a regular oil company employee to an oilfield consultant, having never worked this way I was clueless about the process of operating this type of business and other nonsense regarding taxes etc...Chasity and her team have been VERY patient with me throughout this process, they have helped immensely with my first Business tax return!! If I've ever needed time to discuss things she has been very accommodating, knowledgeable and straight talking, no thesaurus needed, (well maybe once, but that says more about me than her!?!) . None of them have laughed (at least not outwardly) in response to my avalanche of "here's a stupid question for you" questions and even though at first I felt like a kid going to see the principle, Chasity has assured me (countless times) "It's YOUR money Paul" which made me feel top notch. Talking with Chasity I realize how much I do not know about this tax thing and when we are done talking I feel that little bit smarter! Great job from an excellent team, very accommodating and thorough with their no-nonsense human approach to doing business with humans. (Even Scottish one's) 10/10 !!!"

Paul Gibson - 5 star