Outsourcing bookkeeping and payroll is not just for big businesses ... 
The potential cost of hiring a full time bookkeeper and payroll specialists can easily overwhelm a small business. With a custom made service plan from Hooks, CPA you can get the services your business needs for a flat monthly rate you can afford! Call today for a free consultation at 337-680-4179.

Accounting Professionals Are Trained to Identify Recording Errors
Early identification of recording errors can save you headaches, time and money. One simple accounting error can create a ripple effect, leaving your books completely out of order. At Hooks, CPA we pride ourselves on making sure your books are accurate and up-to-date.

QuickBooks Doesn’t  Have All the Answers
Using QuickBooks to manage your bookkeeping and payroll needs does not guarantee that your books will be in order at tax time. QuickBooks requires proper set up and management.  Calculating and entering the correct data into your bookkeeping software can be tricky.
Tax professionals understand how to properly organize profits, expenses and payroll taxes. By having accurate and proper financial statements we can better assist you in keeping your business financially stable as well as help you plan for growth.

Stay Compliant with IRS and State Revenue Departments
Handling your bookkeeping in house may leave you on the hook should the IRS find problems with your books. When you hire Hooks, CPA you can rest easy knowing that we will be handling any tax issues, not you or your business.

We’re Local!! Bookkeeping and Payroll Services Right Here in Lafayette, LA!
Sure you can outsource to a national company like Intuit. But why do that when you can work with us at Hooks, CPA right here in Downtown Lafayette instead? When you outsource to Hooks & Associates you’ll be able to drop by the office and talk to real people about your tax, bookkeeping & payroll services. You’ll receive personalized service from our staff of friendly professionals who want to see your business succeed.   
Get Local Accounting Services Right Here in Lafayette, LA.
Call 337-408-3411 for Your Free Consultation!

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